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Categoría: Wood Carving

Stupid Simple Wood Carving Designs For Beginners

As a beginner, you probably want to go with an easy wood sculpture idea. If you are becoming more confident in your carving skills you can add eyes, ears, and other smaller features. We don’t receive a lot of post or handwritten letters anymore nowadays. So when you do, you better open it in style with your own handmade letter openers! By just using a few basic and simple wood carving patterns you will be able to make a functional…

Custom Chainsaw Carvings

Thank you, Jon, for commissioning such a fun piece of art. This picture features sculptures of a small family of black bears. The stumps from which the carvings are carved are from trees that a micro burst of storms blew down about three years ago. These two black stump bears Eric carved with his chainsaw are seen as one drives up to the client’s home. Jeff started woodcarving over 30 years ago, and still enjoys carving these one of a…